About the Author

Background and Interests

Social Media and Portfolio:

  • Contact me on LinkedIn

  • Samples of my analytics work can be found on GitHub


Work History:

  • Former Application Development Manager for a Fortune 500 Retailer, handling the Back Office side of Retail IT.

  • Architecture and development of labor forecasting and Apriori recommendation systems in production (at each of said retailer’s 5000+ locations) for over a decade.

  • Briefly taught Business Statistics in an MBA program as an Adjunct Instructor.

  • IT Project Leader for plant floor shipping and inventory systems at a paper mill.

  • Maintained programs (in Fortran) to size and cost plate heat exchangers, working with thermodynamic and fluid dynamic concepts.

It’s All About The Journey:

I’m going through some YouTube videos from the R Consortium during the useR!2018 conference on Getting Started With R and Docker. It’s all about using Docker containers to serve up your models in a production environment.

I’ve started Python Machine Learning by Wei-Meng Lee. He has one of the best visuals I’ve seen to drive home the point of how to conceptualize the combination of backward and forward zero-based indexing for slicing Pandas data frames. I’m curious to see how he puts his own unique spin on everything else while I’m here to see the Python counterparts to the R model building I’m used to working with. So far, highly recommended.

Off The Clock:

There’s nothing like a good trail, briskly walked for at least 60 minutes, without headphones. The birds are trying to talk to you, listen up…