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Tools used in the construction of this site. For safety's sake, hardhats are suggested.


Hugo is a static site engine written in Go.

It makes use of a variety of open source projects including:

Learn more and contribute on GitHub.

  • Built in Go
  • Loosely inspired by Jekyll
  • Primarily developed by spf13 on the train while commuting to and from Manhattan.
  • Coded in Vim using spf13-vim


RStudio: For R, one IDE to rule them all…

Blogdown and RMarkdown

I am greatly appreciative of the groundbreaking and visionary work of Yihui Xie, including the blogdown R package and instructional video.

Math and web design, united through RMarkdown. I stand on the shoulders of giants…


A place to stash our stuff, obsessing over the safety of our highly coveted ones and zeros. Inspired by the late George Carlin, perhaps??


Netlify can be set to publish your web page directly from a GitHub repo. It also lets you preview site changes off of the GitHub pull requests you make to sync your master branch from your in-process code branch. Totally cool… See more in Yihui Xie’s docs.


Spellchecking to keep me honest. It caught me in a few embarrassing misspellings on my first several articles…


So we can all comment about these articles and educate each other…

Google Analytics

So I can see how many of you nice people decide to visit.