Upcoming Topics - Summer 2019

The next cool things to discuss...

Data Science Altitude for This Article: Sea Level.

Just a few words here about upcoming posts - I’m doing some research on the following topics:

  • The use of the reticulate package in R to integrate R and Python more easily into the same markdown document. Some enhancements have been made with RStudio 1.2 that are of interest. An interactive python session can be invoked, and there’s a naming convention standard for referencing objects in Python chunks that were created in Rmarkdown chunks, and vice-versa. Integrating scikit-learn into RStudio and leveraging the work of Pythonistas is becoming easier than ever for dyed-in-the-wool R developers.

  • The use of the RMySQL package in accessing databases, along with a good dose of concepts around connection management. Leaving connections open after their usefulness has concluded is an ‘at your own peril’ endeavor…

  • And on a related note, we’ll be using functions from the R Tidyverse to handle the SQL join types for in-memory dataframes. For those who haven’t worked much with SQL yet, we’ll step you through.